Berry Figgy Buckwheat
There is no need to even consider offering a fig cookie when
you can whip up this sweet meal. Figs and raspberries
complement each other fabulously, and when swirled over
buckwheat you have a flavorful, fruity cereal. Hemp seed hearts
can be added for extra flavor and a dose of protein and omega-
1 cube Raspberry Puree
1 cube Fig Puree
1 tablespoon prepared buckwheat cereal, or
¼ cup
whole cooked buckwheat
teaspoon hemp seed (optional)
Thaw the raspberry and fig purees together using your
preferred thawing method. If using prepared buckwheat
cereal, mix the cereal together with the purees until
thoroughly combined. If using whole cooked buckwheat,
swirl the purees on top of the cooked grains and gently mix
to combine. Sprinkle on hemp seed and gently mix in. Serve
at a cool or room temperature, or slightly warmed, as

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