about us

myviral.fun was founded in 2018 by Eyeplus Media. myviral.fun would like to become a viral website on Facebook. myviral.fun provides information, interesting news that helps Facebook users have fun time. In addition, they can get useful and realistic knowledge.

We commit that all content, videos and document are edited carefully. With the content source was reference from videos partner- Newsflare, self- made videos, social videos that are collected from members through groups and website.

With these background, we have quickly become a popular website that is loved by readers.

Although myviral.fun simply provides interesting information, funny video, we can make readers smile and attract the attention from public. We are making effort to make myviral.fun better and better to provide not only smile but also useful knowledge in life. We are at the forefront of bringing information, unique, true stories of culture and society.

Certainly, in the farther future, we will have to try more and more to build up myviral.fun more successful. In order to reach it, myviral.fun needs the support of readers in over the world.

Our Content Partners

During our operations, we are extremely proud of cooperating with partners who have a well-known source of information in the media.

These information brings readers new, diverse and multi-dimensional information in many different areas.

In order to find out more about the content sources that we are provided and supported. Please check out our content partners at HERE.


If you’d like to talk to us about a press or new business enquiry, please contact: admin@myviral.fun